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Executive Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees


President: Roger Bell, Muskogee, OK

Vice President: Frank Justus, Smithville, MO

Secretary: Michele Newton-Hansford, Carthage, MO

Treasurer: Terry Geiger, Laughlin, NV/Lake Ozark, MO


Brad Nickson, Denison TX

Loring Miller, Leon, IA

Delaina Stevens, Checotah, OK

Arlene Gould, Natchitoches, LA

Nick Gerlich, Canyon, TX



David Stearns (Chair), Olathe, KS

Roger Bell, Muskogee, OK

Mike Curtis, Johnson City, TN

Membership / Marketing

Michele Newton-Hansford (Chair), Carthage, MO

Arlene Gould, Natchitoches, LA

Nick Gerlich, Canyon, TX

Delaina Stevens, Checotah, OK


Roger Bell, Muskogee, OK

Terry Geiger, Laughlin, NV/Lake Ozark, MO (Chair)

Loring Miller, Leon Iowa


Loring Miller, Leon, IA (Chair) 

Frank Justus, Smithville, MO

Roger Bell, Muskogee, OK

State Organizations 

Brad Nickson, Denison, Texas

Arlene Gould, Natchitoches, LA

Delaina Stevens, Checotah, OK

Newsletter / Editorial 

Arlene Gould, Natchitoches, LA

Michele Newton-Hansford, Carthage, MO (Chair)

Jonita Mullins, Muskogee, OK

2024 Conference Selection Committee

Roger Bell, Muskogee OK

Michele Newton-Hansford, Carthage MO

Denny Gibson, Cincinnati, OH

Fred Zander, Topeka, KS



Webmaster: OPEN

Facebook/Instagram: Roger Bell, Muskogee, OK 

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