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Highways and Related Links


North-South road and trails:
Major routes include-
Atlantic Highway
Dixie Highway (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to Miami)
Pacific Highway
Evergreen Highway (Portland, Oregon, to El Paso)
Jackson Highway (Chicago to New Orleans)
Jefferson Highway (Winnipeg to New Orleans)
King of Trails Highway (Winnipeg to Brownsville, Texas)
Meridian Highway (Winnipeg to Houston)
National Park-to-Park Highway (looped through the National Parks of the West)

Shorter highways-
Blue Pole Highway (Chadron to Fremont, Nebraska)
Colorado to Gulf Highway (Denver to Galveston)
Custer Battlefield Hiway (Des Moines to Glacier National Park in Montana)
Mohawk Trail (Greenfield, Massachusetts, to Schenectady, New York)
William Penn Highway (New York City to Pittsburgh)
Pershing Way from Winnipeg to Lafayette, Louisiana, named after the hero of World War I, General John J. Pershing)
Three C Highway (Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio)

Historic trails of the past:
The Old Oregon Trail Highway
   -- Wikipedia article
   -- American Roads article
Santa Fe National Historic Trail

East-West roads and trails:

 Route 66
   – Route 66 Alliance, Tulsa, OK
   – Historic 66 - lists various organizations including Canadian, Czech, Dutch, & Norwegian groups

   – California
   – Arizona
   – New Mexico
   – Texas
     – Oklahoma
   – Kansas
   – Missouri
   – Illinois

   – Video summarizes “Route 66: The Road Ahead” conference, July 29, 2014

Lincoln Highway Association

 The National Park-to-Park Highway - links to various webpages:
   -- Paving the Way (This is a link to a video you can purchase about the trail)
   -- The National Park-to-Park Highway
   -- Rocky Mountain National Park
   -- The Playground Trail

   -- The Sunset Highway
   -- Wikipedia article

Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway
   Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Tourist Guide (cover only) - Thanks to Russell Rein for this contribution)
   Jefferson Highway Tourist Guide advertisement on back of PPOO Guide

The Yellowstone Trail 

U.S. Route 6 Association

  – California
    – Indiana
 New York
  – Connecticut
 Rhode Island

Highway related links
Historic Highways webpage
American Road magazine
Our Highway Facebook page


Note: Much of the information on the names of these highways is courtesy of Russell S. Rein.