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Historic Newsletters and Articles

♦ The Negro National League is Founded in Kansas City, MO
   96 years ago on the Jefferson Highway on Feb 13th 1920 the Negro Leagues Baseball was founded in Kansas City, MO.
The Good Roads Movement in Kansas:
   Kansas Memory link from Kansas Historical Foundation.
   Missouri-Kansas magazine link from Kansas Memory.
   More on the Good Roads Movement in Kansas from Kansapedia and the Kansas Historical Foundation.

New Orleans Nostalgia by Ned Hémard - Winnipeg to New Orleans

Palm-to-Pine Pathfinders State Distinguished Body of Citizens Making Trip, Winnipeg Free Press, September 16, 1926

Application filed in 1917 to register the JH in Minnesota

Instructions for Placing Metal Signs, JHA Declaration, August 1917

♦ Jefferson Highway documents
   Courtesy of Pittsburg State University Library in Pittsburg, Kansas.
   The University archive is home to mostly historic Oklahoma JH records but is now the official archive of all JH materials.

The Jefferson Highway Declaration becomes The Modern Highway
   Courtesy of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Search the Internet Archive.
   The Jefferson Highway Declaration. Volume 3, February 1918-January 1919 (298 pages)
   The Modern Highway. Volume 4, February 1919-January 1920 (276 pages)
   The Modern Highway. Volume 5, February 1920-January 1921 (246 pages)

   Page 7. Vol. 5. Report on meeting in Oklahoma (click on link above for Vol. 5 to read the entire article)
   Page 26, Vol. 5. Advertising page (LOTS of advertising in the JH Declaration and The Modern Highway)
   Pages 7-8. Vol. 5, No. 10. Signs and road conditions along the JH what the signs mean


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