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Current Articles

The Jackson County (Missouri) Historical Society Journal (vol. 44, no. 1, Spring 2003) article by Carol Bohl (pages 11-15)

Two-Mile Bridge Replacement - Historic 100-year-old bridge to be replaced near Highway 71 between Hackett and Mena, AR. June 1, 2016

Meet us at Jefferson & Lincoln-Colo & the Corner - article found in The Iowa Gallivant - Intersection of the Jefferson and Lincoln Highways is in Colo, Iowa

Oklahoma - The 2015 JHA Centennial Meeting was helld in Muskogee, OK. Glenn Smith, board member, was interviewed about the Jefferson Highway and the meeting in 2015 by the Muskogee Daily Phoenix. You can click here for the link to the article or [if it quits working] here for Word version or here for pdf.

The explanation for it all....From Names to Numbers: The Origins of the U.S. Numbered Highway System

Another Federal Highway Administration article that mentions the Jefferson Highway: The Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway

Here is a interesting article on Dating Clason Touring Atlases, 1923-31. And another one about Clason Green Guides

ODOT (Oklahoma Department of Transportation) webpage and the history of The State Road System and Federal Aid

Here are the first (of many more to come) current articles regarding the Jefferson Highway:

Take a trip through Oklahoma on the Jefferson by Jane Ballard

The Jefferson Highway through Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Glenn Smith found us an interesting article about the Jefferson Highway in Louisiana

And a quirky, fun home video along the Jefferson Highway or as it is called today,LA Highway 44

Growing up along the Jefferson Highway - a newspaper article from Minnesota

Paving the Way for Tourism - The Jefferson Highway (a Ren Holland blog post)

Hunting for the Old Jefferson Highway (a Ren Holland blog post)

Historic Jefferson Highway - an article with video about the Jefferson Highway and Route 66 from a friend in Missouri

Jefferson Highway - The Canadian Connection a personal journey by Stan Enns (2013)

The First Jefferson Highway Association International Conference by Carol Ahlgren (published in The Lincoln Highway Forum, Fall 2012)

Following in the Lincoln's Wake: The Jefferson Highway by Lyell Henry (published in The Lincoln Highway Forum, Summer 2008)

An article from the American Road magazine tells how the Jefferson Highway got started up again back in March 2011

What is going on in your neighborhood? Send an e-copy or a link to your research on the Jefferson Highway to If you only have a hardcopy of an article, send it to Scott Berka, PO Box 294, Colo, IA 50056. We'll scan it and get it on the web, or in the newsletter, for all to see.