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Executive Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees


President: Glenn Smith. Muskogee, Oklahoma
Vice-President: Mike Curtis. Brevard, North Carolina
Secretary: Carol Ahlgren. Crystal, Minnesota
Treasurer: Scott Berka. Nevada, Iowa

Past President and founder of revived JHA: Mike Conlin, New Orleans, Louisiana
Past President: Theresa Russell, Arkansas

David Stearns. Olathe, Kansas (2014-2017)

Historic Research and Collections
Randy Roberts. Pittsburgh, Kansas (chair)
Lyell Henry. Iowa City, Iowa
Russell Rein. Ypsilanti, Michigan

Marketing and Tourism
Scott Berka. Colo, Iowa (chair)

Sociability Runs
Melissa Phillips. Butler, Missouri (chair)
Carol Bohl. Harrisonville, Missouri





Lyell Henry. Iowa City, Iowa (chair)
Paul Walker. Wilton, Iowa
Mike Kelly. Colo, Iowa

Route Marking and Government Recognition
Carol Ahlgren. Crystal, Minnesota (chair)

Website and Facebook
(Open) (Website chair)
Glenn Smith
. Oklahoma (Facebook chair)

 Do you want to be on a committee? Contact the chair to contribute your skills & knowledge to the JHA.