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About the Jefferson Highway Association

"The Jefferson Highway Association, named after Thomas Jefferson, was formed in 1915 to build a highway from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. The highway was the idea of Edwin T. Meredith (of Iowa), publisher of Successful Farming and Better Homes and Gardens and later Secretary of Agriculture under President Woodrow Wilson, who thought the highway would be economically beneficial to the region's farmers.

In November of 1915 a meeting was held with representatives from all the Louisiana Purchase states to organize an association for the purpose of constructing an international highway from Winnipeg in Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. This convention was also held to   determine the route of the new highway."

Then flash forward to March of 2011. Thanks to the hard work of Mike Conlin, interested individuals met in Lee's Summit, Missouri, to discuss the re-birth of the Jefferson Highway Association. They wrote the current by-laws and elected the first executive board of officers at this meeting.

Since that auspicious day in 2011, there have been annual conferences held in different cities along the route of the Jefferson Highway.

We want to welcome you to the new
 Jefferson Highway Association!
Thank you for visiting our page. And, please consider joining the JHA. This is your opportunity to contribute to the knowledge and fun as we bring life back to this historic highway. And, be sure to follow us on Facebook.


Text courtesy of the Pittsburg State University Libraries Digital Collection, Pittsburg, Kansas

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